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गटर में चूहों के बिल से मिला 10 तोला सोना: खाने के पैकेट में था 5 लाख का सोना, बच्चों ने फेंका और चूहे उठा ले गए

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Mumbai Police has recovered 10 tola of gold from the gutter of Gokuldham Colony. Surprisingly, this gold was not taken away by the thieves but by the rats. Actually, a woman had complained in the police station that her bag of gold jewelery was lost. When the police checked the CCTV footage of the area, it was found that the rats were carrying the bags of jewelry in the gutter.

The children were given a packet of ornaments instead of eating
The matter is of Gokuldham Colony located near Dindoshi area of ​​Mumbai. Sundari Planibel, who lives here, was going to mortgage the jewelry to the bank to repay the loan taken for her daughter’s wedding. On the way, Sundari saw some hungry children on the road. The woman took out the food packet from her bag, distributed it among the children and left for the bank.

The police have returned the gold ornaments recovered from the gutter to the woman.

The police have returned the gold ornaments recovered from the gutter to the woman.

When Sundari reached the bank, she came to know that she had given a bag of 10 tola gold jewelery to the children instead of a package of food. The woman returned to the same place where she had given food to the children, but the children had left. Then Sundari reached the police station and told the whole matter to the police. On the complaint of the woman, the police started scanning the CCTV of the area.

Mice seen carrying bags in the gutter in CCTV
The CCTV installed on the spot revealed that the bag given by Sundari to the children was misunderstood as garbage and thrown in the dustbin. Then some rats from the dustbin came in search of food and went into the gutter with a bag of jewelry. The police brought the team to the gutter and recovered the jewelry bag from there. The police have returned the jewelry bag to Sundari.

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