राशिद के साथ मस्ती करते दिखे विराट: RCB-GT मैच से पहले राशिद ने पोस्ट किया वीडियो, बोले- विराट भाई को भी मेरे शॉट के बारे में पता है

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IPL-15 is in its final stages. These days all the teams are playing their last league matches. On Thursday, there is a match between the point table topper GT and fifth position RCB. This match is the last hope for RCB to be in the race for the playoffs. Before this important match, there is a happy atmosphere between the players of both the teams.

Meanwhile, GT spinner Rashid Khan has posted a video. In this, he is seen having fun with Virat Kohli. In the caption of this video, Rashid wrote that Virat bhai also knows about my shot. Virat is seen saying that to hit the ball, you have to keep an eye on it and keep the body straight, not like Rashid. He plays any shot.

Earlier, Rashid had posted the video. At the beginning of the video, Rashid is looking at the bat. First Virat does the action of playing the ball with the bat, then Rashid is also seen repeating it. In such a situation, speculations are being made that Virat has gifted a bat to his special friend.

Rashid wrote in the caption of this video- ‘It’s always nice to meet you Virat Kohli. Thank you for this gift. Although. He did not clearly write what that gift is, but seeing the video, it is being speculated that Virat has gifted him a cricket bat.

Last chance for RCB
This match played between Bengaluru and Gujarat on Thursday evening is the last chance for RCB to stay in the race for the playoffs. If the team wins this match, then it will get 16 points and its playoff hopes will remain intact. However, to enter the playoffs, he will have to rely on the victories and defeats of other RR and DC.

Looking at the current state of the points table, both the teams making their debut in the league have qualified for the playoffs, while Rajasthan and Delhi are ahead of RCB in the race for the playoffs with 16 and 14 points respectively.
22 points if Gujarat won
If GT’s team wins in its last league match, then it will have 22 points. The team has won 10 out of 13 league matches. All his three departments (Batting, Bowling and Fielding) are in sync.

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