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हादसे ने तबाह किया फिल्मी सफर: अनु अग्रवाल से लेकर महिमा चौधरी तक, हादसों ने इन सेलेब्स के करियर पर लगा दिया ब्रेक

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If someone becomes a star overnight in the film world, then the graph of someone’s career goes down due to some reason. So today we are going to tell about such celebs, who had created a tremendous image among the fans in a short time. After some time, the stardom of these celebs also ended in the blink of an eye, when these celebs had to face a terrible accident.

Mahima Chaudhary

Mahima, who started her career with the film Pardes, had made her place among the fans in a short time, but an accident ruined her everything. She was on her way to the sets for the shooting of the film Dil Kya Kare when she was suddenly hit by a truck driver.

The accident was so terrible that pieces of glass had entered his face. After this, her entire face got spoiled and after this accident, Mahima had distanced herself from the film world. Recently, the actress has won the battle with breast cancer.

Anu Agarwal

Anu had made a place in the hearts of people with her very first film Aashiqui. After this her name was included in the list of top actresses. Anu started getting new offers too, but something else was written in her fate.

In 1999, while returning from a party, Anu had a terrible car accident. She went into a coma due to this accident, but when she regained consciousness after 29 days, her memory was also lost. After some time, his memory came back due to treatment, but by then his acting career was completely over.


There was a time when Sadhna used to be the first choice of the makers. Everyone used to admire her beauty. Especially his hairstyle became so famous that people gave it the name ‘Sadhana Hairstyle’.

Sadhna’s life changed completely when she became a victim of a road accident. In this accident, his eyes were hurt, due to which the entire face of Sadhna changed. After this she was not seen anywhere for a long time and she died in 2015.

Zeenat Aman

Something similar happened with Zeenat, the famous actress of her era. Actually, both Zeenat and Sanjay Khan were in a relationship. After some time there was bitterness in their relationship. One day Sanjay had angrily assaulted Zeenat, due to which his eye got hurt and one of his eyes got damaged and this affected his acting career and he stopped getting films.

Chandrachur Singh

Chandrachud was once considered the busiest actor of Bollywood. He did a strong acting in the film Josh. In 2000, he had a terrible accident, due to which his shoulder was badly injured. The treatment of this injury went on for a long time, due to which Chandrachud stopped getting work.

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