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Bassi Marriage Palace is 1 of the top marriage palace in hamirpur , bassi palace hamirpur contact numbers, address, reviews & ratings.

Why to choose Marriage Palace?

It is always nice to go to a wedding. But to make a marriage a success is a great achievement. From preparing the guest list, we have to pay attention to every small task. Everyone wants that friends, relatives and anyone who has come to the wedding has no problem.

But it is very difficult for a person to do everything, it is common to forget about 3-4 things. It is also important to choose the marriage palace so that there is no interruption in your marriage and the marriage is done in a good way.

Quality and workflow at Bassi Palace Hamirpur

Wherever we go, we take special care of quality. And when it comes to marriage, we cannot turn our back on quality. .We always want to offer our guests the best quality. At Bassi palace you find better quality on everything like (Food,Furniture & other).

On the wedding day it becomes very difficult for a single person to handle everyone. In such a situation it is very important to have a good staff who serve all your guests in a good way. In Bassi Palace you will find good staff who handle everyone in a very calm manner and help you even when it is overcrowded.

Catering and Customer service

Food has always been an important role in anyone’s wedding. At Bassi Palace, you can choose from your own choice what you want to feed your guests. Catering service is reliable because you will always find Trained and professional cooks in Bassi Palace.

Customer Service is very good at Bassi Palace. Whenever you are in trouble or there is a problem the staff is always there to help you. You do not have to worry about taking your responsibility yourself. The help and customer service is really important in any place.

Decoration in Bassi palace Hamirpur

Bassi palace hamirpur have many themes and decorative ideas who are ready to give new life to your marriage. Lightning styles, colour combinations, buffet arrangement add royality, glamour and enhances the grace. you can also choose a theme of your choice.

Bassi palace have the luxurious, modernized bathrooms and washrooms. Having multiple bathrooms is a must when you have to cater the needs of hundreds of guests at a time.

Contact Number and Location

Bassi Palace Hamirpur have good location and parking facility thats sets a perfect impression on your guests

Contact Number.- 09805700082

Govt. Polytechnic Hamirpur

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