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There are some movies that become experts in playing with your mind. From the beginning of the story to the end, the film’s director and between you: Competition begins. You have to find the answers to so many questions at once, that you start feeling a spy from inside.

But believe it or not, the real fun of watching the film is only when you get out on such a journey in the question and answer cycle. In which there is a suspense which is mind-boggling and more than that suspense will shake your mind.

Welcome to allblissallwell. I am going to present a special content to tell you about 5 such Bollywood suspense movies. Which is going to take the exam of your mind. And the best part is that you can watch these full film here for free.

Top 5 Bollywood Suspense Movies


Ugly is Released in 2013, Ugly is based on kidnapping a 10-year-old girl. In which everyone, from the police to the actors, tries their best to find him by applying his brain power. But in the midst of all this, people start finding ways to make money using kidnapping.

What makes the film special is the fight going on between all these characters who want to reach each other first by leaving each other behind. Do you think that a child can easily disappear while buying balloons or it is a well-thought-out plot with curtains. if you want answer then watch the movie above.


The film Kaun, released in 1999, revolves around the story of an innocent girl That closes in the house alone. The twist in the story comes when a stranger suddenly rings the bell of her house and tries to enter.

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Even more frightening is that news is coming on TV that a serial killer has run away from jail, which is very fun to kill people. There is also a danger that sometime this girl is seen dead peoples. Watch this movie to know if this girl will survive or will any ghost or killer kill her.

No Smoking

Bollywood Suspense  Movies

The film No Smoking, released in 2007, puts a person in focus who has a bad addiction to cigarettes. To get rid of it, it goes to a center called Paryogashala. Where 100% guarantee is given to get rid of any bad habit.

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Twist in the story comes when slowly the truth of the Paryogshala starts coming infront of us. Sometimes people are imprisoned in jail, sometimes strange tests are done on them. Can you really cure the brain, don’t panic, all the answers will be found in this movie.

Manorama Six Feet Under

The film Manorama released in 2007 is one such masterpiece. In which the story of a writer named Satyaveer is placed in front of us. Satayaveer is a writer of Detective Noble Manorama. And live a little life.

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An earthquake occurs in his life when a woman named Manorama enter in his life. And gives a reward of 20,000 rupees in exchange for tracking her husband.

The story reverberates when Manorama is killed and Satyaveer is accused of 2 murders. The story is even deeper and more dangerous. Watch the film on your own


In the last, let’s talk about a film that the government was scared of seeing and had banned the release of this film. Yes, I am talking about the movie Paanch, which comes very high in the list of best films of Anurag Kashyap.

The story of the film revolves around four friends who are immersed in the intoxication of drugs. Have almost forgotten the real world. To say that everyone is part of a music band, but the reality is that in this world they all live for drugs.

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There is a twist in the story when he kidnaps his friend in a cycle of arranging money for drugs. And demand big money from his family. There is a small mess and his friend loses his life. Do you think that these people will survive now or will eat the air of jail, you will get all the answers in the film. So what about watching this movie right now.

Above are the top 5 Bollywood Suspense Movies from us. if you like then please suscribe us for more latest movies like this or share this with your friends.

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