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Bollywood Queen on Twitter Entire INDIA has been waiting for this from very long. Queen Kangana will officially be present on Twitter. Finally She Joined Twitter! @KanganaTeamIs Now Officially Handled By Kangna Herself. Now Bollywood queen Kangana will handle @KanganaTeam she said in her video . #Bollywoodqueenontwitter This is going to be the biggest trend today.

She will get abused day in day out she will be called names, Mafia’s PR bots will track & comment on her every tweet but one thing is for sure Queen will tweet the way she want & no one can do F about it.

Liberals will have problem with kangana’s blunt and straight forward statements for sure.

Kangana is the first person who spoke and sought justice for Sushant. It needs a whole lot of guts to come out and speak out your heart. Glad you are yourself on twitter now.

Accuse her of whatever, but I have never seen somebody so upfront. She will make her point and speak up. Honestly, she is one of the bravest in the industry. At least she doesn’t hide and deliver automated responses.

Sources predict Many more “so called stars”to leave twitter and others to turn off comments. Save yourself from the rage cause she is here.

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Tweets By Fans Bollywood queen on twitter

The one and only daring girl, most outspoken actress and queen of Bollywood, both in reel and real life of new India is nationalist @KanganaTeam Whole heartedly welcomes to Twitter.

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