Cricket jokes |Is it Ind v Sl Or jadeja vs sanjay manjrekar

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Yes afcousrse it was a match between India vs Sri Lanka. But it’s look like this is sir jadeja vs sanjay manjrekar. So many cricket jokes and funny tweets come out let’s start

The God of cricket sachin tendulkar is also not stop himself to tweet about this and trolled sanjay manjrekar by his tweet see below

When sir jadeja comes to bowling, commentator sanjay manjrekar talk that sir jadeja is a average player and in next ball sir jadeja take a wicket and manjrekar like see below.

oh bahi maro mujhe

Jadeja vs sanjay manjrekar

manju kidhar hai

Yeah afcourse it’s hard to someone finds a way when his own flying arrows targeted his own ass. Cricket jokes bellow


Sir jadega tweet about sanjay manjrekar before the match and he say he is the part of team India and still playing in this wordcup. Respect who achieve and he heard enough verbal diarrhea about him


india defeat pakisatan and angladesh . now pakistan and bangladesh fans trying to attension the sri lankan fans for that “india kicked your ass too”.

we got ass kicked you also

In the 2nd pic below they are characters of Ramayana shree ram and lakshman,Who win over lanka’s king ravana.

Again in below tweet india team represents as vanar sena of virat kohli. Virat kohli represents as a shree ram along with his vanar sena ,who helps shree ram to win over lanka’s king ravana.

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