Cuttputlli Full movie download and story
Cuttputlli Full movie download and story

Cuttputlli full movie Download & watch online and Story

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The story begins with Parwanoo HP. Where the body of a 15 year old girl is found in the very first scene. In the next scene, Akshay Kumar comes who is fond of writing the script of the film about the serial killer.

But if any director does not like his story, then he gives the exam of Himachal Police and becomes a sub inspector after clearing the physical. Akshay gets a police job and is appointed in Kasauli.

In the next scene, Akshay’s senior asks him to get his confession out of a criminal. Akshay Kumar tells the story to the criminal instead of getting the confession in the cell. Then his senior comes and advises Akshay to get the film ghost out of his head.

Next scene shows a girl who sees her dog on the road and talks to her. Then a car stops there and the girl disappears. Then her mother goes to find that girl, then she hangs something around the dog’s neck.

Lake’s mother writes a report directly to the police station and tells that a lunch box has been found. When the inspector opens the lunch box, she finds the sear of a wild doll.

Akshay has a lot of interest in this case. In the next scene, a girl named Payal takes her uncle (Akshay) to school as a father. While there he meets Rakul Preet who is Payal’s class teacher. That’s where Ilu Ilu starts.

At the same time, Akshay tells his brother-in-law that he should make him the Investigating Officer of this case by speaking to the show madam.

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While in Thane, Akshay explains to madam that this is the work of a serial killer but madam does not listen to him. The very next moment happens exactly as Akshay explained to Madam. After that the inspector believes on Akshay.

In Next Scene The doctor tells that the girl has a wound on her face and her eyes were taken out and her hair was also pulled when she was alive. While Akshay suggests a plan to catch that serial killer, he proves that Parwanoo and this case are the same.

Payal is admitted to a new school, Where it is shown that the math teacher of that school used to take wrong advantage of girls and do wrong things with them. Then there comes another case, Komal who falls in Rakul Preet’s school, gets missing.

Then Akshay takes Rakul Preet with him for the case. Komal’s last talk is with Rakul Preet, where she tells that her listening machine can also record. Then the police find another body and Rakul tells that a star was made behind the auto in which Komal was sitting.

Then Akshay catches the same auto guy and he tells him that he used to give the information to Tomar who takes the girls to his house. Tomar is the same math’s teacher who does wrong things with girls and at present he is a maths teacher in Payal’s school.

The police even get Komal’s bag and lunch box from Tomar’s house. The same Tomar tells Payal to do the same dirty work with Payal after being pinched in school, but Akshay catches her red handed. And Tomar tells her that he had definitely taken Komal to his house but she ran away, and had already kept a lunk box at her house.

After Intervel

Tomar tries to escape from the hospital and Akshay kills him. While Payal disappears from the house, she finds the lunch box from their house. The whole day passes but Payal is still missing. Payal’s body is found in a car parked in her own house.

At the same time, Akshay learns that Komal’s listening machine has a recording feature. And he listens to the voices and you recorded by Komal. Akshay learns that there is a sorceress doing a show in school and the one she sucks gets killed. this time madam(inspector) is with him.

This time Akshay finds out which girl the killer is going to kidnap. And he waits for the killer. The killer kidnaps the girl and Akshay tracks the girl’s GPS and traces the killer. Akshay gets both Aisha and the killer. Akshay saves the girl and the killer runs away. In the next scene, the killer Rakul goes to Preet’s house. And she picks up her niece ITI.

Akshay again finds that killer and ITI. Akshay learns that the witch is not a sorceress but she is Christopher. Christopher is the son of Agnes, a serial killer who, for want of world and love, kills the girl he loves at a young age. because the girl doesn’t accept him.

After that Christopher wanted to spoil every beautiful face that was so beautiful. That’s why he would make girls his target and spoil their face badly. Akshay kills this killer later and saves ITI and the film ends here.

Lets Talk about its Cast

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Cuttputlli Full movie download and story
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