famous tweet /What these people say on #Mondaymotivation

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Watch featuring tweets of people on famous tweet /What these people say on #Mondaymotivation on Twitter. Unexpected some and some really cute motivated tweets.

famous tweet /What these people say on #Mondaymotivation


Seriously I don’t believe this ?☺

Who says women can’t drive well! I saw a woman drive very comfortable like they cook, care everything…. by Jyoti Kant @dearjyotikant


I personally like and amage by this tweet. This tweet is posted by Tom Hall. He posted video of a bird who actually do beat boxing so Brilliantently.

And he also tag the video is from patrick Steadmanand this video is crossed 1.4 million views on Twitter. Video is below the pic



The next tweet is from Shivani Narayanan I personally like the caption and pic she posted. ??????


I like next tweet because there is really some motivation. Don’t follow the rules na ?she don’t say it ??☺ this tweet is from [email protected]


Next tweet is from Bindas ladki. Because her post remind me the old story of rabbit and tortoise. Video is also given bellow


famous tweet /What these people say on #Mondaymotivation


Next tweet is from @zah_e_naseeb no comments ?☺


This tweet is again motivational tweet. Afcourse it is


The next tweet is posted by sunaina. Just love her caption and her amazing ??post


Want this video amazing. ???? ye bnda jo chdaa hai na divar pe suchi mat hadh hai yr iski bhi aise kon chdta hai bhai .matlab soch se pre isko stairs ki koe zrurt nhi hai chdne ki lift vgerah to sab moh maya hai iski liye. iska to apna hi tarika hai chdne ka jo isne badi mehnat se bnaya hai.



This tweet is from kapil thakur. Dil khush ho jayega. Must watch before leave.bhai sahab jo bndon ne dance kiya hai na kya btayun.


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