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Hpptcl previous question paper electrical for je .yhan pe milenge aapko hpptcl ke previous Exam paper hpptcl ka exam 2019 mein aane wala hai

agar aap hpptcl ke previous question paper dekhna chahte hai to niche click karen aapko hpptcl ke question paper mil jayenge ,

or agar aap kuch or question chahte hai to ham aapke liye laye hai top 10 most repeated question in previous exams HPSEB/Hpptcl

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Top 10 most repeated question

1 -The Power factor of industrial loads is generally

a) unity

b) lagging

c) leading

d) zero

2 The earths potential is

a) infite

b) supply voltage

c) 1 volt

d) zero

3 A wire placed on the top of the transmission line acts as

a) a phase wire

b) neutral

c) a transmission wire

d) ground wire

4 one B.O.T. unit is

a) 1000 KWH

b) 10 KWH

c) 1 KWH

d) 0.1 KWH

5 which amoung these is a part of distribution system

a) Feeders

b) Distributors

c) Service mains

d) all

6 overhead lines generally used

a) copper conductors

b) all aluminium conductors

c) ACSR conductors

d) none of these

7 Branch circuit must not feed more than …………..

a) 12

b) 5

c) 10

d) 8

8 what type of earthing used by transmission lines ?

a) plate earthing

b) rod earthing

c) strip earthing

d) both plate and strip earthing

9 High voltage transmission lines used ………….

a) pin insulator

b) suspension insulator

c) shackle insulator

d) none of these

10 in transmission lines the cross arms are made of ………

a) wood

b) steel

c) RCC

d) Copper

Hpptcl previous question paper

Answers of all 10 question below

1 – b

2- d

3- d

4- c

5- d

6- c

7- c

8- c

9- b

10- b

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