Indian Memes On Pakistan Trend By cott indian products

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indian memes on pakistan What an idiotic trend is this #BoycottIndianProducts. Pakistan is itself an Indian product. Kya pagal log hain ye

#BoycottIndianProducts is campaign launched by @TeamPakZindabad & supported by Pakistanis as well as oppressed Indian minorities.

Pakistanis are urging everyone to #BoycottIndianProducts. Start with Indus Water. Hell yeah, start with Pakistan, because that too is India’s product

Indians welcoming Pakistan’s decision to #BoycottIndianProducts and say First Boycott P.O.K Land because P.O.K Land belong to INDIA.

The purpose behind this trend for pakistan is #BoycottIndianProducts is campaign against Fascist Ruler of India. Thier aim to expose India at every platform in the World .

Indians Replies on pakistan Trend #boycottindianproducts memes

Dear Pakistan – if you really want to #BoycottIndianProducts , here are the things you should bycott,

  • 1. Water
  • 2. Number System
  • 3. Algebra
  • 4. Urdu (originated from Agra)
  • 5. Your pics of forefathers (they are born Indian)
  • 6. Our Land -Kashmir & POK
Indian Memes on Pakistan

Pakistanis after boycotting Indian Products .

Pakistan current situation world famous destination for international begging #BoycottIndianProducts

#BoycottIndianProducts India ne 2 ton tamatar faik diye to nuclear bomb SA asar ho jayega

अगर पाकिस्तान वाले भारत के सामान का बहिष्कार करते है तो सबसे पहले पानी का बहिष्कार करे क्यू की पानी हमारे देश से आता है

Abe Pakistaniyo, If you are trending #BoycottIndianProducts Please boycott your own country #pakistan Coz its the most useless product India ever produced.

Indian-Pak trade has already been banned/stopped by Imran khan 3 weeks back PM Modi has already placed 200% import duty on pak so literally no goods are flowing from either side So what is the use of this trend?

Bhikari asking for #BoycottIndianProducts Nanga nahyega kya nichodega kya

Indian Memes on Pakistan By cott Indian Products

Pakistan to India –> No trade Pakistan to world –> Tell India to talk to us World to India –> What do you say ? India to World –> PKMKB

laughing on pakistan

Every Indian Reaction when they see Pakistan Trend #BycottIndianProducts

#BoycottIndianProducts पर पाकिस्तानी ट्रेंड कर सकते है 🙂 क्योंकि वो हमारे प्रोडक्ट यूज करते है लेकिन हमको घंटा फर्क ना पड़ता क्योंकि पाकिस्तानी जितना खरीदता है उतना तो हम मंदिरों में दान दे देंते है

#BoycottIndianProducts Now Pakistani restaurant owners in UK will have to change their profile from Indian restaurants/ India food to Pakistani ones – Lets see how many customers walk in then!

Pakistanis #BoycottIndianProducts is so stupid. We, Indians are not dependent on you, you are just 0.5% of our total exports. But it will bring inflation higher for you. Dolts!

Indian Memes on Pakistan

क्या खाओगे और क्या पीयोगे यदि भारतीय उत्पाद का बायकाट करोगे ? दुनिया जिसका बायकाट कर चुकी है दाने-दाने को मोहताज वैंटीलेटर के सहारे अंतिम सांस ले रहे बड़बोले #नापाक की सांस कब निकल जाये, क्या यह किसी को पता है ?

Abe Pakistan is also by product of India. Boycott Pakistan too

Indian Memes on Pakistan

Relationship between china and pakistan

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