Indians and Pakis People reaction on kashmir today i am going to tell you about the response on article 370 of the people , some of the reaction is serious some funny so lets start.

Reaction of Indians on kashmir

Here is the reaction of indian people on kashmiries with modi or kashmiries wants change

Reaction of Paks on kashmir

Here is the reaction of Paks people on kashmiries wants change

Indian people reaction on Pakistans downgrades bilateral

Here are some reactions of people on pakistans downgrades bilateral.


  • If the problem of kashmir is being solved by the removal of article 370, then there is nothing wrong in it.
  • All human beings want to spend their lives without any fear, if there are such situations due to the withdrawal of 370, then what is wrong?
  • If 70% of Kashmiris want to live in India, then they too will not have any problem with removing 370
  • Why the people of Pakistan do not want to understand what is reality on the ground
  • There are many other questions whose breath will tell at the time.
  • If you have read it, what are your thoughts, please write in the comment box .

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Indians and Pakis People reaction on kashmir
Reaction on kashmir


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