JL 50 Web series Download
JL 50 Web series Download

JL 50 Web series Download all Episodes

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JL 50 Web series Download all Episodes JL50 Have been listening since long ago, nothing is impossible in this world. But it is impossible to turn back time. Time moves continuously and never looks back.

Every human being, after making a mistake, thinks that he wish he could go back at the same time from where everything went wrong. You can watch the JL 50 web series officially on Sony Live. This web series is officially released on September 4 2020.

This web series has only 4 episodes. Each episode is 30-35 minutes. You can Watch this entire web series in just 2 hours.

JL50 Web series Download

Download all 4 episodes of JL 50 Web series of Sony Live or watch online for free. without any subscription. Each episodes in 480p,720p and in HD quality.

Suddenly the whole city is shaken after hearing the news of a plane crash in Kolkata. The case is given to the CBI for investigation of the case. Officer Shantanu is the leader of the CBI team, who is looking for answers to some questions hidden in his past.

Officer Shantanu(Abhay Deol) is directly involved in the investigation of this case. While investigating, they find that the plane that crashed took off from Kolkata 35 years ago. Since then till date there was no sign of this plane.

In Plain Crash, 2 humans are alive apart from dead bodies. Even after 35 years have passed, the age of that 2 passengers has not increased by even 1 day.

How can it be that even after 35 years, a human being today is not even bigger than 1 day. The crashed plane was missing for 35 years and how it suddenly appeared. You will find the answers to all these questions in the Jl 50 web series.

JL50 Web Series Cast

JL 50 Web series is Directed by Shailender Vyas. Abhay Deol will also entertain you with his talent in this web series.

ActorsAbay Deol
Ritika Anand
Rohit Basfore
Amrita Chattopadhyay
Pankaj Kapur
Piyush Mishra
Rajesh Sharma
Director and WriterShailender Vyas
ProducersRitika Anand
Shailender Vyas
JL 50 Cast

This web series is very unique, including time travel.
The attempt to connect the world of past, present, future has been tried on screen.

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