Jokes on Duckworth lewis.

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Here you find jokes on Duckworth Lewis . I know You watch cricket matches and you hear about DLS. Very good jokes on Duckworth Lewis.

rain and duckworth lewis

Let me tell you what is DLS, DLS means Duckworth Lewis stern method. The Duckworth Lewis Stern method is designed and used to calculate the 2nd inning target score when match stops due to rain or for some other resions.

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Once a famous cricketer said only two people understand DLS method and there name is Duckworth and Lewis.

This tweet is from Anush priya. Demonstrate how DLS method be like.

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When clouds appear in the sky Duckworth Lewis be like

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The next is from jishan , and he is also right with his tweet because if newzeland scores 100 in 30 overs than why india needs to make 148 runs in just 20 overs . this is the biggest loop hole in duckworth lewis method.

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Jokes on Duckworth lewis.

What you think about DLS method. Give your comments below.

Is DLS is really important?? . do you think its work in a good way , do you want it to exclude from the international tournament .

icc required a new system and exclude duckworth lewis stern method. it is the time for new and advance system to introduce to calculate the targeted score for the team who batting in the 2nd inning .

what is dls instrument ????

ie. Dynamic light scattering

DLS method calculator???

DLS Calculator is used to calculate the target score for the team who batting in the 2nd inning.

how is DLS method calculated ? how accurate it is to estimate the winner

want to know how accurate it is

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