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I know you bored , or you want some jokes or may be you want great jokes for share in your facebook , or instagram status .

Best jokes in the world

you are in right place here you find most unique and updated jokes .

let me tell you how to read this, then you better understand the jokes

Step 1- first read the lines .

Step -2 then see the pic below

thanx now you can start

A random girl to me – I Love you

ME- oh really

SHE- sorry its a dare

I ask my friend how i am looking

and she replied like this

I love a girl so much but when i see that girl without make up first time

This is for my female visitors

Once MS Dhoni’s girlfriend ask dhoni, what you have ???

Dhoni replied i have helicopter

when you tell her , you take her to the panipuri wala

and she is like

you have smoker friend and you say i have some green green stuff .

when somebody send some **** pics on your facebook timeline

you really busy in your work and dont message your girlfriend .

girlfriend is like

My teacher write 1+1= on the blackboard and i answer 1+1= 11

teacher how ?? and i am like

When I hear from someone that postman have his school report of this month and go to your home side for deliver it.

And I am like

When I walk in market and I see someone who wear spiky cloths and I am like

When mom tell me to do some work and she know I will do that totally in a wrong way.

How she warn me.

Be aware next jokes is killer

Once my friend want to purpose a girl.

He go straight toward her turn around when she come near.

He came back toward me

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