Memes on Faug
Memes on Faug

Memes on FauG Best alternative to Pubg

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Following a ban on PUBG Mobile, Akshay Kumar has announced #FAUG, a made-in-India alternative, that promises to donate 20 percent of its revenue to the Bharat Ke Veer initiative. So many memes On Faug make after this anounce. Some of the best memes on Faug are given below.

Going atmanirbhar! An Indian gaming company under the mentorship of #AkshayKumar is all set to develop a multiplayer action game named #FAUG.

Now it’s Ncore vs tencent. India vs China. India is in fight with China digital market.

List of Jokes, Memes on FauG

  1. Ab ye afwaah kon faila rha ki #FauG game mei jeetne pr. PM Modi k saath dinner mein chicken khaane ko milega.
  2. Itne salo se fogg chal rha tha Ab #FAUG chalega.
  3. FAU-G main chicken dinner nhi prasad Milega jeetne par.
  4. So in This New Game #FAUG , They Will Drop Airdrop or GDP?
  5. Ab samajh ayi chronology #FAUG
  6. Petition for adding ‘Teri mitti’ song in the background just like ‘On my way’ in FAU-G. That’s gonna hit different.
  7. FauG me 100 nhi 101 player honge, pandit ne kha hai subh hoga.
  8. What will be the maps in #FAUG Kashmir,siachen,Uttarpradesh?
  9. Pubg walo khush toh bohot hoge tum, ab #FAUG jo aagaya.
  10. Waiting for having Mirzapur in Fau-G just as Pochinki in PubG.
  • Parent & Child conversation while playing PUBG vs FAU-G:
  • PUBG- parents: Use of playing PUBG ?
  • child: CHAL BANDH KARO.
  • FAU-G- parents: Use of playing FAU-G?
  • Let’s play & Donate. “Jai hind”.

Shame on Aajtak

india vs pakistan best memes

Memes on FAUG poster

Poster is stolen from another game Name is stolen from another game Idea is stolen from another game You are degrading the reputations of Indians worldwide. We can come up with original ideas, no need to do this chindi chori in name of deshbhakti. PUB-G

#PUBG stands for “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” #FAUG stands for “We Can’t Even Come Up with An Original Name for A Game We Want To Copy And Sell In The Name of Nationalism.”

This is just spoiling what #AatmaNirbharBharat stands for. It doesn’t stand for blatantly copying posters, game, name, basically everything

More About FauG

So, with everything in place, the #FAUG announcement is trending on #1 spot in India. This would get a Lot of investors with Fat cheque books interested, Akshay Kumar cud get back his Investment multi-folds, way before the game is released.. That’s d power of Brand Strength

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