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By saying the word Om, Aum, ॐ, A person starts to calm down. It is said that there is a lot of power in chanting ॐ. By chanting ॐ the negativity around us turns into positiveness.

But after all what is ? What does it mean? Om is called Anhad Nad which resonates in every person and this universe.

There is no reason for it to resonate. Generally, the clash of anything produces sound.

But Anahata cannot be produced. Om is in all religions. In Central Asia, Om became omin or Amin.

Om is a natural sound. And it is widely used in Hindu Culture.

ॐ is made up of three letters. A/अ, u/उ, m/म, These are the original sounds. Which is pronounced all around us all the time. It awakens the navel, heart and command cycle.

Om According to Hindu Culture.


A means Brahma, u/उ means Vishnu, m/म means Mahesh or Shiva. And in Hindu Culture they think Brahma, Vishnu, and shiva is God.

They Think A/अ is creative power. u/उ is sustaining power, m/म is destructing power.

Lets try to Understand in very Significant or Scientific Way. Actually Aum is in your Blood. OM is In evry single and each pore.

This sound you can not live without it. A baby when is began to speak first word a baby utters “Ahhhhh”. That is A ahhh. then he starts, after that he start “ohhh, ohhh, ohhh”. And the first word he utter, most of babies “Ma” Mama.

So the OM is a Natural Sound. And Natural sound is have ability to connect you with the God.

In Hindu Culture Babu is Considered very pure. They think baby is the other form of God beacuse the purity. That innocence. Looking eyes. or it is not polluted yet.

Is not have any concept of ideology, is very pure. And God is That Way. So the Om is the Combination of three Powers. God is Same.

“G” stands for generative power. “o” stands operative power. “D” stands for Destructive power.

We have seven Chakras in the body and the sound Can Activate all these Chakras. This Sound is Everything. It can hit your first chakra, Second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and top of the head- seventh.

Who Discover The Word Om.

Some Hindu Sant Says Om was Discover by Lord Shiva. some says it was discoverd by Rishi. Rishi means The person who can see it, the truth. that is called rishi.

How you can see in your self these all three Power Is Hidden. Look ours body suppose. Our Body Something is Being Born always. Inside our Body . That is Call Generation- Generative Power.

Something is always Being Born And something always dies in the body. That dying is called destruction. that our pore. Our skin- it Dies in every moment, in each moment. But we don’t notice it unless it is gone. unless we see that “oh, it is coming out – my skin”

Something Remain Same. Which is Being Born is Brahma or generative power. Which is dying is Destructive power, Shiva. And Which is Remains Same is Vishnu.

Like our Memories. We have Memories From the Past From The Childhood. That is, Memory keeps you same person. Even though you are changed fully -You are not the same person. But memory connects you Somehow. That is called Operative power. that is called sustaining Power.

So you are all Combination of these power.

Om, Aum is In all Religions.

All religions in the world, More or less, they are Following this Sound. If you have to utter any kind of sound, without using the tongue, what are the sounds that you could utter?

Aaa, yes for sure you can do aaa, Ooo posible, Mmm yes Possible. What Else?

Suppose you did not have a tongue, What are the sounds you can utter? You can do Aaa, you can DO Ooo, You can do mmm. try any other sound.

Someone who unable to speak, what are the sounds that he makes? Aaa, Ooo, Mmm. Because these three Sounds, Do not need the use of tongue.

If you remove your tongue, you’re able to make only three sounds. Aaa, Ooo, Mmm. There are onlu three basic sounds. using these three sounds, you are able to produce all these other sounds.

the tongue is just helping you to mix these three sounds in many complex ways. Now these three sounds, aa, oo and mm referred to as the basic sounds or the universal sounds.

Because these three sounds are the basis of all the other sounds that you can utter. if you utter these three sounds together what do you get?

Its not Om. Aum.. so These are the three basic sounds which are the very basis of all the other sounds that you can utter. So Aum is known as the universal sound or the basic sound in the creation.

If this is true, How come, only a certain religion seems to be using it. As a brand for themselves, and nowhere else it is known? That is Not true.

Where there is a realized being , there, sound AUM will be there.

In Christianity

Christianity Born in Jerusalem, Where the language at that time was Aramaic. Aramaic language has a certain infliction where sound “mm” is dominant.

So in Christianity whatever they Close with Tody, Whatever they say, they close it with “Amen”.

If you look at it the way it is said at the vatican, it is always said, ” Aaaaamen”. You take of the “N” and say Amen.. aam oh!

Today this Amen has gone to united states of america and become “A-Men”. This is cultural and language distortion which Happen.

In Islam

Islam Born Also in the same region under the same cultural and language influences. They are saying Ameen. Take away “N” and say Ameen. Aum oh! its the same sound.

Because wherever a human being becomes silent by his own nature, not school teacher silence, not plugging your ears silence.

If you become silent by your own nature, sound Aum will reverberate in the system because the root sound for your physical existence is sound Aum.

When Aum Reverberates, it starts from just beneath the navel and ends at the tip of your nose. This reverberation happen by itself.

So wherever a human being truly sat quietly, utter quietness within himself,he always aware of the sound -Aum. When he transmitted it.

It is distorted over a period of time according to language and cultural influences.

Glory of the word ॐ

Continuous chanting of ॐ completely relieves stress. 22000 verses are written of the glory of ॐ. Chanting of ॐ calms the mind.

It helps to diagnose internal and external disorders. And regular chanting increases the aura of a person, which has been proven by research.

Science Behind The Word Om/Aum

The word ‘Om/Aum’ is considered to be the most venerable in Hinduism. It is believed that all the truth of this world is absorbed in it. The word is also considered as the center of faith in Hinduism.

Scientists of America also researched and found that every object, planet and star in the universe emit sound waves.

And the sound waves emanating from everything are different. We cannot hear these waves just because our ears cannot hear such low frequency sounds.

Similarly, when scientists chanted the word om/Aum, it was found that the sound emanating from this word perfectly matches the inner sound of the universe.

Then they made a conclusion. With the pronunciation of ॐ we can come in contact with that sound. And our mind goes into a different state of mind. What we call meditation.

The mythological history of India is also being viewed very seriously abroad because it is believed that some very deep secrets are buried in it.

German Scientist Claim

Which was much more advanced than our science today. A German scientist has claimed in his own research that we are not going forward in the future with this new discoveries, but going backwards.

They believe that all this has been discovered even in the mythological history, but it proved to be very backward, so they were abandoned.

But the one who was at the forefront was adopted. But the one who was at the forefront was adopted and told.

At that time the means of mobile or telephone contact was not made. Because it was also discovered in a more devious way, that is, the way to communicate with your brain.

Along with religion, this word also needs to be seen from science point of view because maybe we can reach the same point in future. The point where we were in our history.

ॐ therapy, A way to avoid all diseases.

J. Morgan scientists announce that I have cured many patients with the chanting of ॐ. ॐ Chanting can cure many diseases. Many physical problems are overcome.

  • Stomach aches are cured
  • Liver problems are cured
  • Head problems are cured
  • There is also a heart attack medicine for people who have a heart attack Problem.
  • High BP also heals
  • It is also a peace herb for those who reduce obesity.
  • Dare for the loser.

If you are suffering from exercise fear, distorted dreams, bad Dreams, Nightmares, unstable mind, unstable body, if your general constitution is weak – you tend to fall sick too often, particularly children, if they have attention disorders, daily utterance of Aum for a few minutes a day will make a enormous difference for you.

Importance and Power of Om

By chanting Om and worrying about its meaning one experiences inner consciousness in the body.

  • If you want custom and achievements you can also get it by chanting.
  • You want to meditate, then do it by Long chanting of .
  • If you want enlightenment, enlightenment is easy by chanting ॐ.

What is the power– The force which comes due to action is called Power.

For Example– Words have the power to convey their meaning. The power to connect objects or individuals, all those powers are born out of their cause.

ॐ Mantra has amazing power. If there is one person who does such sadhana in the house even for 15/20 minutes, then peace will come in the house.

By chanting Om daily, a lot of doubts will be resolved, success will come in place of failures.

Wisdom and intelligence will definitely develop by chanting Om.

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