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Parasite Oscar wining Movie free Download. Parasite is a Korean movie directed by Bong Joon Ho. Download this movie from tamilrocker, filmywap, filmyzilla, movierulz sites in Hindi.

If you are a cinema lover who would know that there is nothing better than the Oscars to measure films with the most accurate precision. The best movies from all over the world are collected together and the film that survives in the past, makes itself a history by making the world’s No.1 film.

92nd Oscar ceremony has come out as a film winner who has shocked not only the entire Hollywood but every person in the world. Who is fond of films. A feat that hardly anyone could have imagined in a dream.

After all, what is it in Parasite Movie that it has become the world’s No.1 film. You have to understand the meaning of the parasite before understanding the film. Parasite is an organism that has no identity of its own. He finds a host for himself, the whole life is hidden in him. Drinking food steals everything from him and can sometimes make his host completely sick, even life-threatening.

Parasite Movie free Download

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How to download movies in 2020
How to download movies in 2020

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Parasite movie free download

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Story of Parasite Movie

The story of the film highlights richness and poverty. The story of the film is written around 2 families. Kim’s family is first, whose family life is not good. They have no means of earning and eating is also very difficult.

Second Family Park Family that Belongs to High Class Society. They have a different identity. People respect them and dreams of becoming like them. Although they are not bad from the heart, but the rich are trapped in a gap of poverty.

The story comes a new twist when Kim Family is entered in the Park Family. All the members hide their true identity. And enter into the life of parks completely by creating new identities.

Someone comes as a teacher, then someone becomes a therapist, someone becomes a driver, then someone becomes a house maid, and enters the house.

Kim Family is playing a parasite role whose hosts are the Parks Family who feed them, giving them reason to live life. Overall, as long as the parks are alive, the kim’s will also breathe.

Can threaten the life of your host like a parasite. Similarly, Kim’s family can also endanger the Park family. Whether Kim’s family harms the park’s family, you will have to see in the film itself.

Why Parasite Movie wins Oscar

What’s so special that Parasite Movie Wins Oscar. One is its powerful but realistic concept. A difference that humans have spread among humans for centuries. I am Aamir, you are poor, I will always be the boss, you will always be poor.

Every time you look at the parasite, you will get a new perspective in the story. This is one of those special films that you cannot understand at once. The ending of the film has been presented so cleverly that every person can society it according to their thoughts.

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