Rohit Sharma ‘s fans made memes on Haters

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What did Rohit Sharma score a century in his first match, his supporters started making memes on people who disliked him.

Rohit Sharma once again got a chance to open in the 3-match Test series against South Africa. The first match is being played in Vishakhapatnam.

India won the toss and captain Kohli decided to bat first. Rohit Sharma arrives to open And he did not disappoint his supporters. As soon as Sharma  complete 50, Captain Kohli stood up and played applause.

Sharma did not stop here, he gave a century. As soon as his 100 runs were made, his supporters started making memes on those who did not like him.

Rohit Sharma ‘s fans made memes on Haters

Some very nice and amazing memes are being presented to you. All these memes are made by his supporters. lets start

#1 Rohit sharma fans after he score 10 Runs –

Our mind says that it is not going to be happy in this

#2 Rohit to Virat Kohli Right now –

Day was yours, year will be mine

#3 Sharma to haters –

What did you say last time ” Status”

#4 Fans to Sharma –

Let the lava inside you come out

#5 Rohit Sharma Right Now –

Salute & head Bow

#6 Rare picture of Gandhi ji thanking Rohit sharma for taking revenge for what South Africans did to him on the train.

Another Big Six from Hitman

Records break by Rohit Sharma memes

  • 1st Indian to hit 100 in 3 formats
  • 1st player to score 4 -100’s in each of the 3 formats
  • 7th player to hit as opener in all 3 formats
  • 2nd Indian to hit 6 straight 50+ scores @ home
  • Highest avg at home 98.22 equal to Bradman (min 10 inngs)

Highest Average in India among indian in Test (Min 10 inngs)

  1. 85.44 – Rohit Sharma
  2. 69.56 – Vijay Hazare
  3. 64.68 – Virat Kohli
  4. 61.86 – C Pujara
  5. 55.93 – M Azharuddin

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