Shame on aajtak

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shame on aajtak | sold media is a #1 trend in twitter. Indian news channel can do anything for their TRP. Shame on These fake news channel. Aaj Tak reporter Moushmi Singh wanted to collect TRP by breaking protocol.

#ShameOnAajTak TRP is Not Above The Nation Shame on You AajTak Spam This Hastag Guys Showing Fake News I Don’t Think it’s Indian News Channel it’s Pakistani News Channel .

These Sold Out Media Bigots are TRP Greedy and They belittle Our Soldiers and Nation for it… If you don’t stop lying, you will grow up to be a Aaj tak reporter..!!

Lets see what exactly happens same on aajtak

Modiji is constantly trying to garner support from foreign countries against Pakistan on #Article370 And Rahul Gandhi went to Kashmir with his fellow party members with fake journalist #MausmiSingh (Aajtak) to defame India and support Pakistan !!

Shamefully playing Female Card. @mausami2u doing anything for TRP. National Security is much more important than your fake TRP @aajtak Instead of blaming our security forces, please teach your reporters to behave gently

I was watching @aajtak in afternoon and was surprised that they were not having much concerned about #ArunJaitely ji, and were showing Kashmir airport where anchor @mausamii2u was shouting that she was mishandled without even a scratch.


better condenm it.

This Journalist @mausamii2u is a bigger drama queen than Rakhi Sawant, who can do anything for TRP and limelight

This is what is called as Presstitute … Slow claps Aaj tak

today India has got her new Drama queen @mausamii2u and I’m damn sure #Rakhi_Sawant will face hard competition in future ,She was shouting like CISF had stabbed her , flew to srinagar in a private jet to become a pre planned victim

Lets see people s reaction on #sameonaajtak
same on aajtak

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