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Tanhaji Movie Free Download | The Unsung Warrior movie is about the fight between Maratha and Mughals. Tanhaji was one of the trusted and brave fighters of Shivaji Raje.

Tanha ji Movie trailer is good but only the trailer does not run the story of the movie. Tanhaji’s story is shown very well in the movie. The film is very inspiring. Children must watch this movie about how the Maratha’s forced the Mughals to lick the dust. The director of this film is Om Rout, who has directed this movie very well.

Cast of Tanhaji The Unsung warrior

ActorAjay Devgan
Saif ali khan
Sharad kelkar
Neha Sharma
Ajinkya Deo
luke kenny
Jagapati Babu
Shashank shende
DirectorOm Rout
ProducersAjay Devgan
Bhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
production companyAjay Devgan FFilms,
Budget 130 Crore
Distributed by AAFilms

Story of the Tanhai The unsung Warrior Movie

When Tanhaji was very young, his father used to call him Tanya. One day the Mughals suddenly attack their city and Tanhaji’s father goes out to fight with them.

In that fight, he loses one hand and a spear is passed from his chest. When Tanha ji approaches them, he gives them his stern and says that you have to liberate this earth from the Mughals.

Shivaji Raje was making a lot of efforts to save the people from the rule of the Mughals. But the Mughals wanted to make India their slave. They attack the fort where Shivaji Raje is. The Mughals had so much army that it was impossible to win from them but Shivaji did not even want to accept his defeat. So they settle with their enemies.

He gives some states under him to the Mughals, including Kondhana. Just as the capital of the North Side was Delhi The Mughals wanted to make Kondhana as the capital of the south. For this, he sends his trusted man Udyabhan to the south as Kondhana’s tenant.

Udaybhan was a Hindu but a servant and soldier of the Mughals. But on seeing his bravery, he was made a tenant of Kondhwana.

Tanhaji Movie Free Download

Before coming to Kondhana, he is given a tank whose target and distance were too much. The tank named is Nagin and the snake charmer who runs it is named Udaybhan. Tanhaji goes to stop Udhyabhan and plans to kill him before reaching Kondhana.

But udhaybhan comes to know about this and reaches out to Kondhwana by pouring dust in Tanhaji’s eyes. Tanhaji sends his army back and plans to conquer Kondhwana himself.

Kondhwana was very difficult to conquer because the fort was over the hill and closed. A girl had a huge hand to win over Kondhwana. The girl Udaybhan loved was a princess and Udayabhan the soldier, the girl refused to marry Udayabhan. Udayabhan leaves from there and is recruited into the Mughal army.

The princess gets married to someone else. Later, the Mughals attack there and kill the princess’s husband and kidnap her at Udaybhan’s behest.

In the final battle, Tanhaji discovers a hidden passage to open the fort’s doors. Because the doors of the fort could only be opened from inside, then only the army could enter.

The widowed princess also agrees to marry Udayabhan. He becomes very happy. And could not understand the plan made by Tanhaji.

As soon as the Udayabhan gets the news of the attack, he goes to the tank (nagin) so that he can blow the rajgarh.

But Tanhaji does not allow this to happen and his arm goes off in the fight. Still he fights and ties Udayabhan with the serpent and throws him down from the fort.

Tanhaji dies in this fight, but before leaving he hoists the saffron flag on the fort.

Review of Tanhaji The Movie

Tanhaji is a must watch movie. The bravery and strength of unsung hero of marathas portrayed in the film is commendable. Ajay Devgan as usual nailed it yet another time. SaifAliKhan was so good. 3-D effects were breathtaking at several moments! Loved this movie.

Tanhaji sees that our ancestors were very much in love with God.

It’s really nice
Tanhaji The Unsung warrior is an entertaining, large canvas experience, truly larger than life. Ajay devgan’s stroke of brilliance truly makes this movie a masterpiece. Tanhaji Wins Hearts

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Movie size 600 MB, 950MB, 1.31 GB
Time 1 hr 31 minutes
Quality480p, 720p, 1080p

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