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Tharki Mahesh bhatt #TharkiMaheshBhatt is trending on twitter. Well done everyone, expose this 71 year old buddha who love to kiss his own daughters. Kuch toh sharam karo uncle. You either die a Pervert or you live long enough to see yourself become a Tharki #TharkiMaheshBhatt.

Take me in written, Animals have more MORALITY than Mahesh Bhatt.

Kangana Bollywood queen will be very happy after seeing this in the trend list lol.

Describe Mahesh Bhatt is three words or less

  • Characterless
  • Shameless
  • Scoundrel

Womanizer. No doubt that he may have drugged many including Parveen Babi. Many in Bollywood who died in mysterious circumstances have close links with Mahesh Bhatt.

Every SORRY has a STORY ! This fake astrologer & tharki buddha Mahesh is also 1 of the masterminds behind SSR’s death !!

Memes on Tharki Mahesh Bhatt

  • Rhea used SSR credit card.
  • she took SSR to family doc.
  • Rhea manipulated his insta account.

And this man #TharkiMaheshBhatt placed Rhea in SSR life to keep check on his activities. If CBI will Investigate Him Properly, Beaten Him Properly Truth Will Come out.

#MaheshBhatt might b thinking,tht I spent my whole youth enjoying,exploiting womens n manipulating public with depression, suicide theory,but nobody stood against me,, But now in my extreme buddhapa,y public is torturing me,I can get a heart stroke, spare me #TharkiMaheshBhatt

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