Top 10 best Mystery Thriller Movies in English & Hindi

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Here is the list of Top 10 best Mystery Thriller Movies Dubbed in Hindi and you watch these movies in English for free. I provide you the link of these movies where you watch these movies in hindi.

There are some special people who roam around hiding foreign humans inside them. Because these people like Hollywood movies more.

Many people are from India, and they like to watch Hollywood movies in Hindi. For them, special link provided, from where you can also see these movies in Hindi.

Hello Friends, I have brought 10 big psychological thriller mystery thriller movies of Hollywood, which will not eat a bit of mercy on you. And will squeeze the whole brain trick of yours.

The Fifth Element

Fifth Element was released in 1997 to showcase our future. When our earth has fallen badly between the evil forces and is going to end forever.

There is a way to avoid it. Finding 4 Powerful Stones and connecting them together. For this find a special human being whose connection to Earth-saving Special Force is a task.

In the film, you will get to see the best game of science. And in the most amazing thing, I am going to share the link of this movie from where you can watch this movie for free. This Movie is the best suspense mystery thriller movies.


Lucy, released in 2014, is written around the secret mission. Lucy is the one of the best movie in crime movies. In which theft is secretly tried to complete a drug deal.

This time the drug is in a bag and the bag is hidden in the girl’s stomach. The twist in the story comes when the bag bursts inside the stomach. And the little girl slowly starts becoming a devil.

You can watch this movie in Hindi dubbed on Amazon Prime.


Scarface tells us the story of a man named Tony Mondana, who was once a refugee who came out of the country. Who slowly become the under world don in USA.

The twist in the story comes when his name comes out on top of the list in the drugs business. And their number of enemies starts increasing very fast.

Is it so important to run after dreams, to forget the difference between right and wrong and put people’s lives in the name of drugs? The answer you will get on Netflix is ​​also in pure Hindi. Top 10 Hollywood Movies to watch..

Escape Room

Escape room is best mystry thriller. The escape room serves to connect 6 different people. Those who are looking for shortcuts to earn a lot of money quickly in life.

Which makes them stand out in a weird game. The rules of the games are quite simple, in each stage a mystery room will be placed in front of you, so that you have to find a way out.

Sometimes you will have to face the fire, sometimes you have to breathe in the snow, sometimes you will be left with dangerous animals.

Now who will win the final in this game of life and death, you will have to find the answer on Amazon Prime. Top 10 South suspense movies.

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game 2 puts the story of World War in front of us, which the British and the Nazi Government came down on the battlefield to see each other down.

Then there is an entry in the film of the genius Mathematician named Ellen. Who work against the British to find the hidden truth behind the secret codes of enemies.

This time, their fight is not only against the Nazi Scientist but also with time itself, spending it can destroy the entire British Empire from the root. Top 20 Netflix Web Series.

Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher has written around a strange murder. In which a sniper shoots five unknown people. And starts the death game.

Then the film has an entry of an investigator named Jack Reacher, whose connection is with a Danger Incident in Killer’s Past. In which, like this murder, some innocent people had to lose their lives.

Who was this killer and Jack Reacher’s connection with this, you have to find the answer on Netflix.

The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Identity is written around the person named Jason, who is trapped between life and death. And have lost their memory completely.

After finding his body on the shore, he slowly tries to remember the whole life. Whose connection is with the gun and fake passport they hold.

Is Jason’s fight only with his mind or is there someone else who is behind his life. You will get the answers to all the questions on Netflix.

Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road puts a scary world in front of us. In which the secret of hate prevails and the cost of human life is very low.

Things like water and petrol are almost over. The girl named Furiosa starts a war against the people who rule the world.

In which he is supported by a man named Max who has lost everything in his life. Go to Amazon Prime and enjoy this strange world.


Searching, released in 2018, will take you around the world of computers. A 16 year old girl suddenly disappears. And there is only one way to find it Her Laptop.

The twist in the story comes when the entire police department raises its hand. And the girl’s father himself has to get on the battlefield. And uses technology to find his daughter.

Watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

Train To Busan

Train To Busan puts the story of South Korea in front of us. In which, after the spread of a virus, people slowly start changing into a zombie-like crature that consumes the human body and feeds its appetite.

It starts with a train. Which keeps moving towards Busan in full speed. But the passengers sitting inside the train are fighting their lives against the zombies.

And trying to get rid of death. What if this zombie comes out of the screen and comes into our life. Do not be afraid to see this movie by clicking on the link above.


So friends, these were special Crime, Mystery, Thriller Movies, after seeing which your mind is going to be a lot faster and stronger than before. Action suspense thriller will get to see everything, you just have to sacrifice a little time. If you like something, then comment. And tell which movie you liked by commenting. Top 17 Amazone prime movies.

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