Top 10 South Indian Suspense Thriller Movies in Hindi

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Top 10 South Indian suspense thriller movies dubbed in Hindi Download or Watch Online on YouTube for free. Small Description And List of Thriller Movies.

There are some things which gradually become universal truth and it becomes almost impossible to get them up. Just like This believe it or not, South Indian cinema has surpassed Bollywood.

And trying to shake shoulders with Hollywood. But even if you have a little Confusion in your mind, then it is my responsibility to remove it. That’s why I’m writing this special content for you.

In which I am going to tell about 10 south Indian suspense thriller movies list of South India which are going to play badly with your mind.

The most amazing thing you will get to see in Hindi. Here you have also been provided the link, from where you can watch these movies for free.


U- Turn is the best south Indian suspense thriller movies dubbed in Hindi. The movie U-Turn, released in 2018, has been written around the flyover of Hyderabad.Where a lot of people start dying in mysterious ways without any rope.

The journalist and police officers start working together to solve the case. After which they encounter an evil spirit. Who is lying behind the lives of people after a strange incident nearby. South Indian suspense thriller movies dubbed in hindi download. Top 10 South Indian Suspense Movies.

Oka Kshanam

Oka Kshanam, released in 2017, keeps in front of us the unusual colors like Parallel Life. That is, there are some people who, while living in the present, can also see their future.

And have the power to change the future. Jeeva and Joshna truly love each other and are dreaming of living together.

The twist in the story comes when Jeeva, in parallel life, murders Joshna. And in present life, both of them try to change it.

This film is as Shoorveer 2 in Hindi. One of the best south Indian thriller movies dubbed in hindi. Top 10 Hollywood Movies Free To Watch.

Irumbu Thirai

Irumbu Thirai, released in 2018, how the misuse of technology can ruin people’s lives. An attempt has been made to understand it accurately.

There is an army soldier who collects money from a bank for his sister’s wedding. But then some computer hackers collect all the money from their account.

After this, a battle of dangers begins. In Hindi, it has been dubbed as The return of Abhimanyu. Top 21 Indian web Series of all Time.


Thadam, released in 2019, and written around two twins. Which looks like a photocopy when viewed from outside. But inside is completely opposite.

And hate each other a lot. The twist in the story comes when these two are arrested in a murder charge.

But in reality, who has done the murder, the entire police department sweats to find the answer. South Indian thriller movies 2019. Top 20 Netflix Web series you must watch.


Maayavan, released in 2017, is written around a serial killer. Who is openly challenging the police and messing with the lives of innocent people.

Then an honest police officer enters the story. Those who find the killer and are forced to fight the Bad politics running in the system.

And slowly deviate from their path. One of the best south Indian psychological thriller movies. Top 20 Best Jennifer Lopez Movies.


Goodachari, release in 2018. Story of a secret agent. Who work to avoid the danger to the country.

But then the story turns such that they are implicated in the blame of their boss’s murder.

But it is not so easy because behind the planning plotting is hidden a dark secret whose connection with this agent’s father’s death.

In Hindi, it has been dubbed as the Intelligent Khiladi. Top Zoya Akhtar Movies of all Time.


Released in 2017, Theeran is based on a real incident. In which a police officer along with his team tries to solve some strange cases between 1995 and 2005.

Everything from a simple looking theft to a mind-boggling murderous killer is seen in the film.

The secret behind all this is the responsibility to get out of the sharp-minded police officer who never shirk from his duty. Top 17 Amazone Prime Movies.


Ratasan, released in 2018, has been written around a psycho killer. Who after killing innocent girls, locks his body parts and challenges the police.

Then there is an entry in the story of a police officer named Arun. Who once dreamed of becoming a film director.

And using this same film mind, he starts planning to reach the killer. Avane srimannarayana Movie Free Download.

Balwaan Badshah

Released in 2014, Balwan Badshah connects five stories. These five stories is connected with a murder.

Which every person is looking at from different perspective. After this, there is an entry in the film of a journalist who tries to connect these five stories properly after listening to each other.

And the real reason behind the murder comes out.

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru Released in 2016, puts the story of a retired police officer in front of us. Who lost his leg and carrier badly in an incident during a police case.

The twist in the story comes when they start hearing the same case again from the beginning. And this time the end of the case blows their senses.

After all, it is the mystery killer angle that he is pursuing till date and due to which his life has been ruined. South Indian crime thriller movies


So friends, after watching these top 10 South Indian suspense movies, you will become a fan of true heart of South Indian cinema. And maybe delete the word Bollywood name from your dictionary forever. If you liked something, then share it and do not forget to comment your favorite movie.

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