Top 17 Best Amazone prime Movies In English & Hindi

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You Want to watch Best Movies on Amazone Prime Then here is the List of Top 20 Best Amazone prime Movies In English & Hindi.

Afcourse you able to watch these movies in any format you want. lights out, Fight Club, The Conjuring and many more best movies in the list.

Do you believe in concepts like heaven and hell ? If the answer is yes then i am going to tell you the way to the ladder of heaven. Some movies, after watching, you will feel yourself above this world.

If you make a mistake to miss these films, then no one can save you from burning in the fire of hell.

Hello friends, I am going to tell you about Top 20 best movies, Which will probably serve to bring your true love from cinema to the destination. You can watch all these movies on Amazon Prime.

Laal Kaptaan

Laal Kaptaan is Best Movies on Amazone Prime. Laal Kaptaan released in 2019, put a concept in front of us in which a Naga Sadhu takes revenge on the incidents in the past. Naga Sadhu stuck with a person named Rehmat Khan like a ghost from his victim.

The twist in the story comes when Sadhu meets Rahmat Khan after years of waiting. And there is a secret hidden in the past that works to connect these two.

In the game of life and death. The Laal Kaptaan makes you think. Will we have to bear the consequences of the deeds performed in this birth? Top 21 Indian Web series all time.

Lights Out

Lights Out, released in 2016, has been written around the hilarious girl named Rebecca. Who was suspected of having a soul with his mother in childhood.

Now his younger brother’s life is being ruined at the same rate. After investigating, the ghost is there. How did he get into the house and what is Rebecca’s mother’s connection with her?

When the answers to all these questions come in front of you. Then your throat starts drying up. And the beating of the heart starts racing. Best free Movies of Amazone Prime. Top 10 Hollywood Movies free to Watch.

Fight Club

Fight Club, released in 1999, is to put such a person in front of us. Who has an insomnia disease. In the cycle of finding a cure, he meets a person named Tylor.

The twist in the story comes when they become part of a fight club behind Tylor. Where people try to make their modest life special.

But then a secret emerges that erases the difference between reality and creation. You can also join Fight Club. You can watch this film in both Hindi and English languages.


Karwaan released in 2018 has written around three different types of people. A road trip that works to connect These people.

A software engineer is living a boring life. A college student is stuck in fun. Then the others are drawing their lives on their own gestures.

But one thing in common between the three is that they hate their lives. Karwaan is a special film whose message is clear. Life is just as hard as you make it.No need to roast for happiness. Zoya Akhtar Movies.

Kumbalangi Nights

Kumbalangi Nights released in 2019 is the story of four brothers. Who is forced to live in poverty. Their relationship is also very messy with each other. And one brother is behind the life of the other brother.

Then there is the entry of Fahd Fazil in the film, which is heavily obsessed with masculinity. And do not want to leave any shortcoming in proving what a real man is like.

What will happen when these forced men encounter a strange man who considers himself a man. You will get the answer by watching the movie with English Subtitles. Amazone Prime Movies India. Avengers Endgame Full Movie download.


Released in 2016, Trapped Shork’s life is in focus. Those who have brought big dreams to Mumbai from a small town. But due to a small mistake, the person is imprisoned inside the house.

There is no water to drink, no biscuits to eat. And the most dangerous thing is that there is no neighborhood to help him.

When death starts appearing in front of you. So you resort to madness to fight it. In the end, man wins or dies. See now to know. Gabbar is back full Movie Online.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring, released in 2013, is written around a straightforward family. who accidentally shifts to a haunted house.

The thing to fear is that the story is not concocted but based on true events. Ed and Lauren enter the film to fight ghosts. Which are said to be very expert in the case of evil spirits.

Who do you think will win from either man or devil? To find the answer then watch this movie now. You can watch this movie in both English and Hindi languages. Best Horror Movies of Amazone Prime. Dhoom 3 Full Movie Free Download.


Searching, released in 2018, will take you around the world of computers. A 16 year old girl suddenly disappears. And there is only one way to find it Her Laptop.

The twist in the story comes when the entire police department raises its hand. And the girl’s father himself has to get on the battlefield. And uses technology to find his daughter.

A film like Searching has never been made and probably will not be made any further. This is a different type of experience that you can feel in both the applicable languages. Housefull 4 Full Movie Free Download.


Inception, released in 2010, forgets the difference between reality and imagination. There is a modern-day thief who sneaks inside the mind of a person and steals his idea.

The twist in the story comes when their family has to pay the price to enter the dream world. And themselves become famous like the famous criminal all over the world.

Now there are two paths in front of them. In reality, either get rid of the accusations or get imprisoned in the world of dreams.


KGF, released in 2018, is written around the monster named Rocky. Which is very famous and good to kill. And their fear among the people is so much that even the government thinks twice to mess with them.

How a small poor child became the country’s biggest gangster. In the movie, you will get to see some scens, by which you will start clapping.

In life, a person does not grow big because of money, people make him big. As Rocky goes to KGF, he becomes the voice of the poor. And by winning the trust of the people. He becomes the most powerful person in the country. Best Action Movies on Amazone Prime.

The Prestige

The Prestige, which was released in 2016, tells us the story of two such magicians. Both of them sacrifice everything in their lives in an effort to look smarter than each other.

The fight is only about whose magic is the best in the world. To prove this, both of them resort to some tricks in which life has to be staked and faced death.

Watch this movie now to see who will win in both X-Man or Batman. You also use Subtitle for Better Understanding.

Shutter Island

Shutter Island, released in 2010, is written around a police officer. Those who are willing to go to a mysterious island to investigate strange movements going on in the mental asylum.

The story reverberates in such a way that the people who are locked in the mental asylum start feeling fine. While people walking outside, they start seeing pYsco.

What is there in the story that Dangers Island has been resorted to hide. You will get the answer only after watching the film. You can see this film in two languages, in English as well as in Hindi. Top 20 Jennifer Lopez Movies.

The GodFather

Godfather, released in 1972, is written around some such people. Who makes crime like a business all over the world. And make a lot of money in return.

To say that these people are the most powerful people in the world. But when their family members start becoming enemies of each other’s life. Then Godfather Karlione has to start the game of death to keep his fear.

If you are fond of watching crime thrillers. Then The GodFather movie is going to show you straight to heaven. You can watch this movie in both English and Hindi languages. Top 20 Netflix Web Series.


Tumbbad, released in 2018, is written on Hastra, the first son of Purti’s goddess.Who tried to steal the goddess’s treasure with one hand and the grain with the other hand.

The treasure was found but the curse of Grain felt that Hastra was put to sleep for births. But then man’s greed revived him, which cost him dead.

Tumbbad Indian cinema is such a master piece that Hollywood will probably think 100 times in a competition. Do not make the mistake of missing this film even in your dreams. otherwise 100% entry in Hell will be confirmed. Top 10 South indian Suspense Movies.


Parsite released in 2019 is based on such a poor family. Which puts the difference between rich and poverty in focus. Which has probably become the largest law in the human world.

The rich have different respect, different identities and different mourning. While there is a motive for the lives of the poor, life is like a prolonged battle between death.

There is evidence of how special the parasite movie is. because it won the Oscar Awards in which the film set a world record. The biggest gift for you is that you can watch that film in both languages. Best Movies on Amazone Prime 2019. Parasite Full Movie free Download


The Joker, released in 2019, acts as a way out of the devil hidden inside every human being. We all have something else for the world while inside is something else.

There is trouble when the identity inside is overshadowed by the outside identity. And slowly the remote control of our brain goes into the hands of hate. And the whole world becomes our enemy.

A person who tries to make people laugh. But in return he only hates the world. And slowly, a straightforward human being becomes an animal.

Leave everything and watch this film today, I promise your life will change. Best new Movies on Amazone Prime. Joker Full Movie Free Download

Avane Srimannarayana

Now it’s the film that completely changed the my way I look at Indian cinema. I am talking about the Kannada film released in 2019, Avne Srimannarayana.

This movie has made Indian cinema next to Hollywood. Amravati is a small town where the open secret rule of the ganster runs. You can see the robber robbers dancing in the bar.

While the police is not much respected here. The twist in the story comes when a valuable treasure is looted in Amravati. The responsibility to find him is put on such a police officer.

Who is much smarter than the brain, but thinks first of his own benefit instead of serving people. You will be immersed in the fictional world set in the film that you will not feel like coming back in reality.

Avane srimannarayana is a magical film. Who gets the opportunity to see only once in life. this movie is Best Movies on amazone prime 2019. Avane Srimananarayana Movie Download.


So friends, these were the special films that after watching. The respect for the cinema will double in your eyes. While the fun that comes back will be four times. And yes, don’t go to hell, so check out all these movies one by one.If you like something or have some complaints then you can comment. Above is the Best Movies on Amazone Prime Right Now.

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