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Jennifer Lopez Movies Top 20 Movies which are like film Festivels. List of top 20 movies from 1986 to so on. Best Movies, Made in Manhattan, Parker and other movies list given below.

Jennifer Lopez is American Actress. She is one of the Highest paid actress in Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez’s fan is not only in one country but all over the world.

Jennifer Lopez stepped into the industry at the young age of 16. She has done a lot of movies and TV shows in her career. But today we will only talk about her top 20 movies. Top 20 movies of Jennifer Lopez is given below.


Selena was Jennifer Lopez’s first movie in which she acted as a lead actress. this movie released in 1997 is based on a 23 year old girl. This girl is a popular Tejano music star.

But this girl is killed at the age of 23 by the president of her fan club. Jennifer Lopez Awarded Elma Award for Outstanding Actress in this Feature Film.

And also nominated in Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. The Star Cast of Selena is Jennifer Lopez, Selena, Jon Seda, Rebecca lee Meza.


Jennifer Lopez’s U-turn movie is also very good. In the film, a boy is going on a long drive. His car breaks down in the middle road. He has to stop on the way to get the car fixed.

The people of the place where he stops are somewhat strange. He lives in the middle of such a family. Where the husband wants his wife to die and the wife also wants her husband to die.

But there is also a U-turn in the story, only you will know when you see U Turn(1997). The Star Cast Of U Turn Movie is Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, Joaquin Phoenix, Claire Danes.


You must have seen many times that a team goes to the forest on the National Geographic Channel. You will see something similar in this film.

In the film, he goes to learn about Anaconda, a very large snake. They are quite sure that Anaconda will surely be found in the Amazon jungles. But they do not know that this anaconda also hunts humans.

From here the real film starts. Does Anaconda hunt Humans or Humans hunt Anaconda? You will get the answer to this question only by watching the movie. The (Anaconda 1997) Star cast is Jon Voight, ice cube, Eric Stoltz, Kari Wuhrer, KaDee Strickland, Crystal Allen.

The Cell

Every human has a fantasy. And often we live in this fantasy world. He owns himself in his fantasy and rules the whole world. The cell is also a few movies where science has improved 10 times.

They are a machine in this movie that connects a human being with another human mind. The Cell movie was released in (2000), it has been directed by Indian director Tarsem Singh.

The star cast of this film is Jennifer Lopez, Vincent D’Onofrio, Catherine Sutherland, and Vince Vaughn. IMDB rating of this movie is 6.3/10. Film Budget is 33 million USD.

A billionrere’s son is in a coma. Lopez wants to reach the concussion mind of the brain of a Coma patient through a Machine. So that he can bring the coma patiest out of coma.

There is also another layer in the film where Lopez connects with someone else’s brain.What happens then you will know by watching the movie.

The Wedding Planner

Before getting married, the marriage process is done. There are some professional people who plan a wedding for you within your stated budget.

In The Wedding Planner 2001 Movie, you see jennifer Lopez as one such professional who makes wedding plans for people. She is so busy with her work while planning people’s wedding that she is single in her life.

Then her life changes and a boy’s entry is also made in his life. 89% of google user like this film. Imdb rating of this film is 5.3/10. The star Cast of this film is j lo, Matthew Macconaughey, Justin Chambers, Bridgette Wilson, Judy Greer.

Angel eyes

It is said that some accidents are good. A similar story is shown in Angel Eyes. Where Jennifer Lopez Protects a Human from Accident. Later the same person saves her.

Love falls between the two. In this film, Jennifer Lopez plays the role of a policewoman. 90% of google user liked Angel eyes (2001) movie. IMDB rating of this film is 5.6/10.

Film Budget is 2.97 crore USD. The star cast of this film is J lo, Jim Caviezel, Sônia Braga, Terrence Howard.


(Gigli 2003) is a Beautiful romantic Movie. If you are also a fan of romantic movies then you must watch this movie. Along with the romantic movie, if you are also a fan of Jennifer Lopez, then this film will make you visit Heaven.

46% Google user liked this movie. IMDB rating of this Movie is 2.4/10. Budget of this Movie is 5.4 Crore USD. The star Cast of This Film Is J lo, Ben Affleck, Justin Bartha, Missy Crider and Al Pacino.

Shall we Dance

Shall We Dance film is based on the Dance. In the story you will see that there is a man who is quite lonely in life. He is divorced from his wife.

In his life, it was left only to go to work and come back from work. One day, on the way, a beautiful dance teacher sees him peeping out the window. The man joins dance classes to talk to that beautiful.

After that a lot of changes start coming in his life. Shall we Dance (2004 film) Star cast is Richerd Gere, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci and Lisa Ann Walter. 90% of Google user like this film and IMDB rating of this film is 6.1/10

Monster in Low

Monster in low is a very good movie. It shows the rift between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. A boy introduces his love to his mother. She can not say anything to that girl in front of her son.

But she doesn’t like that girl. And tries hard to get that girl out of her son’s life. The girl also understands this and she also goes 2 steps ahead of the boy’s mother.

91% of Google user like this film and IMDB rating of this film is 5.5/10. The Star cast of this Film is J Lo, Jane Fonda, Wanda Sykes, Adam Scott and Will Arnett.

An Unfinished Life

This was a great movie! Well written and well acted. Everyone was believable and seemed real. There is a girl whose boyfriend keeps abusing her.

Troubled, the girl goes to her Strange Father in Low’s house. This girl also has a daughter. The boy turns to the girl again and starts abusing her there.He comes to take his daughter from there.

But there her neighbors do not let this happen and teach the boy a good lesson. 88% Google user like this film and IMDB rating of this film is 7/10. The Star cast of this Film is Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez, Morgan Freeman, Becca Gardner and Josh Lucas.

Blood and Wine

Blood and wine (1996) is directed by Bob Rafelson. 81% of Google user like this film and IMDB rating of this film is 6/10.

The Star cast of this Film is J Lo, Jack Nicholson, Stephen Dorff, Michael Caine, Judy Davis and Robyn Peterson.


Bordertown movie is very good and is directed by Gregory Nava. 88% of Google user like this film and IMDB rating of this film is 6.1/10.

The Star cast of this Film is J Lo, Maya Zapata, Antonio Banderas, Martin Sheen and Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez.

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Maid in Manhattan

jennifer lopez best movies This film depicts a poor girl's dream turning into a reality. The story of this film is very special. There is a girl who is working as a maid in a hotel. One day his friend dresses her richly. 

A person enters her room and considers her a very good girl. He takes her out on a date. The boy is a celebrity. Her date pics also appear in newspapers.

She returns to work the next day and the boy keeps looking for her. Boy really falls in love with her. Whether they meet again or not, you will know by watching the film.

92% of Google user like this film and IMDB rating of this film is 5.3/10. The star Cast of this Film is Ralph Fiennes, Natasha Richardson, Tyler Posey and Bob Hoskins.


Parker 2013 (Parker 2013 film) Parker is the name of a boy who is a thief. During a robbery, Parker betrays by his team members. And those people leave him to die at the same place.

But the story is fun when Parker survives. Now they find the same team members who had left them to die there so that they can take revenge on them. J Lo’s acting is also awesome.

87% of Google user like this film and IMDB rating of this film is 6.2/10. The star Cast of this Film is Jason Statham, Nick Nolte, Emma Booth and Bobby Cannavale.

The Backup Plan

No need to say anything about this movie. If you are a fan of romantic movie then you must watch this movie.Jennifer Lopez’s acting is very good in this movie. You Can watch this Movie on Youtube also for free.

Director of this Film is Alan Poul. 91% of Google user like this film and IMDB rating of this film is 5.1/10. The star Cast of This Film is J Lo, Alex O’Loughlin, Melissa McCarthy, Rowan Blanchard and Eric Christian Olsen.

Lila & Eve

Lila who is a mother their son disappears somewhere. Lila tries to find her son. And also to know what happened to her son. She seeks the help of her friend Eve to find her son.

J Lo, ia very good in this movie. Movie is Directed by Charles Stone III. 90% of Google user like this film and IMDB rating of this film is 5.8/10.

You can Also watch this movie on Disney+ hotstar. The star Cast of this Film is J Lo, Viola Davis, Shea Whigham, Yolonda Ross and Michole Briana White. jennifer lopez movies on netflix

The Boy Next Door

In this film, an older girl falls in love with a younger boy. This movie is too romantic.This movie is directed by Rob Cohen.

83% of Google user like this film and IMDB rating of this film is 4.7/10. The Star Cast of this Movie is J Lo, Kristin Chenoweth, Ryan Guzman, Ian Nelson and Lexi Atkins. jennifer lopez movies 2016

Shades of Blue

Shades of blue is one of the best jennifer lopez movies and tv shows. There is a detective mother who accepts Bribes for the future of her family. Later she gets caught by FBI. And then she works to provide information for them.

Total no. of 36 episodes are there of this TV series. 92% of Google user like this film and IMDB rating of this film is 7/10. jennifer lopez best movies imdb

Second Act

If you want to see the best looks and acting of Jennifer Lopez then you must watch the second act. this movie is Directed by Peter Segal.

84% of Google user like this film and IMDB rating of this film is 5.8/10. The Star Cast of this Film is J Lo, Vanessa Hudgens, Leah Remini, Milo Ventimiglia and Annaleigh Ashford.


Jennifer lopez movies 2019 Critic praised the lead actress J lo of this film. The story of the film is based on All Streeper. The story of this film is taken from an article published in a magazine in New York.

This film is very interesting. The life of the strippers, what kind of life is there in the bar, we will get to see the complete details in this movie.

In actual, the film is divided into 3 parts. Stripper’s back story is shown in the first part. And their struggles are also shown. In the 2nd part, all these masters are shown how they misuse money.

And it is shown in the 3rd part that they are not happy with their jobs in actual, after which Jennifer Lopez finds a way. And this is the way to rob the people of Wall Street.

78% of google users liked this film. IMDB rating of this film is 6.3/10. The star cast of this film is Jennifer Lopez, Lili Reinhart, Cardi B, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer and Madeline Brewer. this is jennifer lopez latest movie.


These are The Top 20 Movies of Jennifer Lopez. A movie that we have placed in the list of Top 20 has a poor ratings on IMDB (Gigli). But this movie is very good, do not ignore this good movie in people’s talk. If you like it, please share it. And subscribe so that new updates will reach you.

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