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Want to know about top 20 Best Netflix web Series then you are on Right Place. No extra Wording, Just point to point About best netflix web series.

Are you among those special people who are very fond of traveling the world. So you will get such an opportunity that you will see the whole world from sitting. All that has to be done is to increase your familiarity with Netflix, because this word tour ticket is going to be cut by Netflix.

I am going to tell you about the top 20 web series of Netflix, which will make you see the world right from home. You can see these web series in English as well as you can see them in Hindi also. So lets Start………


Blacklist is the one of the top Netflix series. The web series released in 2013, The Blacklist is written around a criminal’s. Which is considered to be the biggest threat to the whole world.

The twist in the story comes when they surrender themselves to the police on their own. And start killing all the other Criminals in the world one by one. Words belong to them, but the police gun is used to kill the Criminals.


Lucifer The web series, released in 2015, is written around the first son of God. Those you also known by the name of the king of Hell. One day suddenly arrives on Earth to time pass.

And get stuck in the middle of humans. Whether to hide one’s true identity or punish sinners. It slowly learns to balance in it. But then there is an entry in the story, Love, which made the game completely spoils the game.

Little Things

Little Things, released in 2016, is the story of a couple who are trying to move the car of love slowly. And keep learning to experience the way they get on the road. Dhruv and Kāvya live together in Mumbai and are trying to make their love come true.

But the game is as easy as it looks from the outside, it is even more insane than the tail of the dog from inside. Behind every successful relationship, small joys are hidden. Those who have a focus in the series.

The Crown

Crown was released in 2016, putting the life of British Empire Queen Elizabeth II in focus. Who are introduced in the character of 25 years old young girl.

The biggest challenge in her life is to rule the British Empire and make people believe in themselves. Some dirty black games are also played in politics, which puts the Queen’s crown in danger.

In this series, the Queen’s personal struggle has also been shown openly. No one has heard nor seen till date.

Mind Hunter

Mind Hunter, released in 2017, is written around two FBI agents. Whose job is to investigate the most dangerous serial killer. To get out of hidden dark secrets behind the most difficult case.

Not every big battle is won just by gun. If the front is completely defeated then his brain has to attack. Just around this concept, this web series has been written.

In this, you get to see a great combo of crime and action.

House Of Cards

House of Cards, released in 2013, is written on the president of America, the world’s most powerful man. The Spider man adage comes with more power and greater responsiveness. Spider man’s saying is absolutely right for this show.

Interesting story becomes when a mind-blowing battle between husband and wife. Which the whole world is unaware of.

Will you think that when the person sleeping next to you on the bed becomes your biggest enemy, then what will be the result?


The suites released in 2011 are based on some lawyers who don’t even care about right or wrong. How to win all your cases and make a lot of money is an aim of their life

In every episode, a battle is put in front of us which seems impossible to win. But then a game of tricks is played by someone. In which the lost bet is reversed. And the person in front is just applauding.

Sacred Games

Sacred Games is best netflix series 2018, released in 2018, has put the relationship between Underworld Don Gaitonde and Police Inspector Sartaj in front of us. But this time in the thief police game, the fight is not against each other but against time itself.

Big cities like Mumbai with only 25 days left to avoid some danger and waste. The twist in the story comes when Gaitonde dies suddenly. And trying to escape Mumbai by listening to his flashback stories.


Fargo Released in 2014, is about to take you around the world. There are some Murders who look completely different from each other on first sight.

But then the sun has changed so much that all these murders start connecting with each other. Fargo is like a puzzle in which you will see a cool combo of Murder and Bloodshed.

Some scenes are so much risky that it is better for the weak-hearted people to stay away from this show. But if you are a fan of gangster movie then don’t miss the show by mistake.

Better call Soul

Better Call Saul released in 2015 is based on Jimmy Criminal Lawyer. Handles small cases and wants to get rid of their previous lives.Where they have been proven fraud.

In such a situation, he is supported by his elder brother who works for the most famous people of Mexico. The journey starts from here only on an ill-fated time when Jimmy starts moving towards a new life. And slowly get out from zero to become a hero in the show.

The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is best netflix original series, released in 2018, comes up on the list of world’s most horror shows. The story is a haunted house which slowly transforms the lives of the people living in it into hell.

There are some such acts which are open, whose connection to any angle is seen less than humans and more than devils.

To tell the truth, if you want to sleep peacefully at night, then you will stay 100 feet away from this Show. But if you are interested in the ghost, then it will take you to heaven.

Delhi Crime

Released in 2019, Delhi Crime is best netflix series 2019 is a real life incident on top of the country in which innocent girl has to be a victim of hate of people. There is a dangerous one that shook our entire country.

This time the story is shown from inside the police how the Criminals are searched. And how it takes too much time for a girl to get justice due to poor politics.

Delhi is not a crime show, it is a black spot on humanity.


Narcos, released in 2015, is written around Pablo Escobarek drug dealer who dreams of suppressing the whole government under the feet. And become the owner of billions of trillions by selling drugs.

The show is also very special because it is not a fiction but a hundred percent reality. In which a minor person has been shown to be the king of the whole country.

But how heavy it is for him to resort to drug business. And in the end, people become heroes or villains, you will get the answer by watching the show.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is best netflix original series, released in 2011, has been placed before us on both the right and wrong sides of the technology. Only by using the technology we are dreaming of conquering the world.

On the other hand, we are gradually becoming slaves of machines. Because inside a multipurpose universe is shown.

That is, another world running parallel to our universe, in which a lot of experiments and invasions are done. Whose direct connection is connected with our reality.


Friends is best tv series on netflix released in 1994 are among the few shows that are not just limited to TV but have become the most important part of your life. There is no need to put your mind in it, just use the heart to feel curry and friends.

6 are close friends who always stand by each other. And guarantee to fight every problem together. In his modest looking life, there are millions of burst of laughter which can kill you with laughter.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is good netflix series, released in 2016, puts the concept open in front of us. There are some secret which are kept hidden from all of us but when it becomes difficult to hide them.

Then the story of Stranger Things begins. There is a small town named Hawkins where strange accidents begin. In which some children start disappearing slowly.

Twist brings a supernatural entity in the story who wants to control the world by controlling humans.

Money Heist

The web series Money Heist released in 2017 is based on such modern-day thieves. Those who want to write their name in the history of the world’s biggest theft.

But the truth is that no matter how much these people are from the brain, they are very good at heart. What makes the show special is the thousands of suspense that are played with your mind over and over again.

And at the end of every episode a mystery is put in front of you. In which you get caught slowly and become a fan of money heist.

By the way, if I talk about some sources, then King Shahrukh Khan can convert this show into a movie. With which he can make a strong comeback in Bollywood.

Sherlock Homes

The 2010 web series Sherlock Holmes is based on a detective. Who can solve even the toughest puzzles in just a pinch. They are mind-bogglingly extravagant and can also calculate incidents in the future with them.

There are some such famous stories in the web series, which you will be forced to lose once you see them. But then there is an entry in the show of Sherlock Holmes who keeps the secret hidden in every story.

aur aapke dimag Ke Sath khelte jate Hain.

Breaking Bad

And now it is the turn of the web series, in which the work of bringing a new identity to the web series was done all over the world.

Breaking Badis one of the top netflix shows, released in 2008, is based on the life of a chemistry teacher. Those who start crime after getting caught in lung cancer. Gradually, the teacher goes into the world of crime, where it is almost impossible to get out.

But there is nothing to take tension because they have only 2 years left to live. In which he wants to earn a lot of money for his family.


This was the top 20 top rated netflix shows/series. I promise that every series will show you a different corner of the world. You will go out on a tour with your mind just sitting at home. And the best thing will not be your expense either. If you also liked the Top 20 Netflix Web Series, please share it. And if you have something to say, you can also comment.


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