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Today I am going to tell you about the top Indian Web Series. Start watching one after the other and turn the tension on bye bye. Promise you will enjoy sitting at home. So Lets Start.


In 2018, the web series released Rangabaaz is based on Gangster Shiv Prakash Shukla of Uttar Pradesh. Who works to kill people at the behest of big politician. And the whole city trembles in his name.

How a 25-year-old decent looking boy becomes the most dangerous gangster in the entire city. Showing the entire journey, Rangbaaz also shows the secret planning of the leaders. Top 20 Netflix Web series.


Apharan released in 2018, you will see a combo of suspense and masala. There is a senior police inspector who kidnaps an innocent girl. They get a lot of money in return. Not from family but from that kidnaped girl.

The twist in the story comes when the secret of the kidnapped girl starts coming out. And all the things told to Inspector are false. And they also get involved in a murder without a thought. What will happen next, see web series, the answer will be found. Top 17 Amazone Prime Movies.

Criminal Justice

Indian Web Series

The web series Criminal Justice released in 2019 revolves around Drugs, Sex and Murder. There is a taxi driver named Aditya, who spends the night with a passenger while high on drugs. But their senses fly away in the morning.

The girl has knife marks on her body. And the knife is stuck in Aditya’s hand. If you look from outside, you can see the killer in front of you. Can a minor taxi driver really make someone bleed Or is the reality something else. Top 10 Best Mystry Thriller movies.

Humorously Yours

The Indian web series Humorously Yours, released in 2016, is based on the life of a Standup comedian named Vipul Goyal. Often we see these comedians making people laugh. But have you ever thought about what goes on behind the stage.

For the first time you get to see Vala Masala behind the stage. Enjoy the journey from Struggle to telling jokes to people. Guess the hidden secret behind every laugh. Humorously Yours Can Change Your People’s Viewpoint. Top 10 South Indian Suspense Thriller MOvies.


The Indian web series Afsos, released in 2020, is based on Nakul’s life, who is fed up with his life and keeps on looking for new ways to die. But its fate is so kind that every time it misses its life a little bit. But this time it goes a step further and gives the contract to take its life in the hands of a serial killer.

Who guarantees to kill people 100%. On the other hand, 12 sadhus are murdered in the Himalayas. Now what is the connection of these 12 sadhus with Nakul, you will only know by watching the web series. Money Heist Sesion 4 All episodes download.

Made In Heaven

Indian Web Series

The web series Made in Heaven, released in 2019, revolves around two people who work to make pairs of people. But in his life, he is stuck in the middle of a lot of problems. Are rich weddings really special?. Whom to dream or to keep distance from them will be better for your health.


The Indian web series Roommates, released in 2014, is the story of every couple who are dreaming of getting married through love. How many papad has to be made in this easy-looking journey from outside.

And how many mountains have to climb it’s too hard to guess. Tanya and Mikesh have been behind for 3 years in a long distance relationship. The time has come to end this distance, but how to convert this love into marriage? Don’t mind watch the show today. Top 20 jenifer lopez movies.


Indian Web Series

Hosteldaze, the Indian web series released in 2019, gives the most enjoyable part of our life i.e. the memories of college once again. Boys from four different cities whose dreams are exactly the same, to become engineers.

Apart from studies. Apart from studies, what happens in college and you have made the mistake of missing hostel life, do not lose heart. Watch this web series and see the hostel world sitting at home.


Indian Web Series

The Indian web series, Inside Edge is released in 2017, serves to remove the curtain over the hidden dark secret of the Inside Edge cricket world. From match fixing to the game played, how each one will be played is already kept in mind.

One fight runs on the field of cricket and the other runs behind the scenes between the people of money. Who dance the entire game at their own behest.Play with the hearts and minds of cricket fans by resorting to heavy words like hot, sex, drugs. Top 10 Hollywood Movies.


Indian Web Series

The Indian web series Broken But Beautiful released in 2018 poses one of the biggest questions in front of us. Is love really only once or can it be a cure for a broken heart. And the stuck vehicle of life can be restarted. Veer and Smayra have fallen away from love once in their lives.

And live thier life with their broken hearts. Then, in the game of luck, these two meet each other. And slowly new love begins. But is it really love or is it a journey that has no destination. Watch this web series.


The Indian web series Bose, released in 2017, is based on the life of the famous leader of Dead and Alive India, Subhash Chandra Bose. How did he dare to fight within the people to gain independence from the British and dared to offer a sacrifice.

But this web series also has another angle. In which the work has been done to analyse Netaji’s death. Is Netaji really not in this world? Or something that has been hidden from us the most.

Ye Meri Family

The Indian web series released in 2018, Ye Meri Family, focuses on a middle class family. In which, from the perspective of a 12-year-old boy, everyone has tried to understand the real meaning of a family and its real importance.

How do people living in the family sometimes wake up fighting each other. Look at each other. And inadvertently break another’s heart. But when it comes to fighting the world, the whole family always stands together.

The Family Man

The Indian web series The Family Man, released in 2019, puts the story of one such hero in front of us. Whose photo you won’t see on TV. But these 24 hours save the country from imminent danger. And along with their own lives, they also put the lives of family members on their own.

Shrikanth is a secret agent whose job is to save the country from dangerous terrorists. But 1 fight takes place in their personal life too. Because they can tell the family about the real work. And it is getting harder to lie to family members.Will the family man fight with both the family and the country.


Have you ever thought of leaving a boring job? So wait a little and watch the Indian web series pitchers released in 2015 once. To convert dreams into reality, one has to create a world record. Four friends who dream of a new startup together.

And first of all, we offer the sacrifice of our jobs. But to make the dream come true, the heart also has to face a lot of setbacks along with the brain. When they slowly sacrifice their personal life in the process of work.


Indian Web Series

The Indian web series Mirzapur released in 2018 revolves around a don named Akhanda Tripathi. Which is to say, they do business of carpet. In reality, people do the work of kidnapping and killing their life in a pinch.

The twist in the story comes when the game of power is started in his son Munna and Mirzapur’s two brothers, Gooddu and Bablu. So who will fulfill the dream of dancing the entire city on their own gestures.And who will have to lose their lives, Mirzapur works to answer all these questions.


The web series Flames released in 2018 takes you back to childhood.When seeing someone for the first time, the real meaning of loving feeling was understood. And to see him stealing and chasing him was the first mission of life.

Because Rajat is the topper of the class and his heart falls on the new girl Ishita, who is in the Tution. Now there is a new subject entry in education, whose name is love. Everything from the question of math to the chemical reaction of chemistry is going to end with love.

Asur Indian Web series Full Story and Ending Explain

Sacred Games

The Indian web series Sacred Games, released in 2018, takes Indian cinema to the next level. There is a relationship between a police inspector and a gangster whose direct connection is connected with the safety of a big city like Mumbai. Who has only 25 days left to save.

How does a typical gangster want to rule the whole world? And this Ganster collide with those who want to destroy the whole world in the name of God. Is this world really so bad, who has no use to escape. Or should everyone get the right to live life. Believe it, answering this is not an easy task at all.


The Indian web series Breathe released in 2018 is a worlds best suspense thriller web series. In which a father also prepares to take the life of the whole world to save his daughter’s life. All that has to be done is that in order to win your son in the race of life, others have to get out.

Kabir is a glimpse-minded police inspector in front of whom the biggest challenge is to solve the murder case one after the other. Their is a serious serial killer who has killed only those people who decide to donate their own organs to save the lives of others. Who will win the thief or the police.

Delhi Crime

The Indian web series Delhi Crime, released in 2019, is based on the Nirbhaya case. In which an innocent girl had to lose her life due to hatred of some people. One incident that the whole nation was stunned after hearing about.

This time the story has been put in front of us from the perspective of the police, how the police tries to bring justice to this girl. How does one get out after finding the Criminals and how justice goes away after getting caught in the politics of some people.


Indian Web Series

The Indian web series Asur, released in 2020, is a surprise that has given us all a sensation. Is a serial killer who is playing with the lives of people one by one. There is so much manipulation that leave evidence, even a strange mask is left near the dead body to tease the CBI and the police.

In the show, using the mythological method, an attempt has been made to get rid of the monster hidden inside every human being. The game is such a reversal that two of the smartest police officers of the CBI stand against each other. And start looking for the blood within themselves.

Kota Factory

Now it is the turn of the number one web series in this list. In which it is very impossible to find any fault. There are very few such shows after which you get connected to them in such a way that the difference between the real and the web series is not understood. I am talking about the Indian web series Kota Factory released in 2019.

Which has focused on getting admission in the most difficult and long running war of our country. IIT is a word that is considered to be the heaven of Engineers. But in reality, the heart and mind have to fight against hell to reach its door. Do you think that only studies will get you admission? This weapon to win this war is hidden in friendship. Watch the entire show, I promise, your outlook on life will change.

Best 9 Indian Web series 2020

Madhuri Talkies

Indian Web series

Madhuri Talkies, released in January, is a crime thriller web series. In which there will be strong action along with tremendous bloodshed.

The story tries to expose the inferior crimes in the city of Vanaras. But there is a man who looks like standing lonely against the whole system.

There are 10 episodes of this series, which you can watch for absolutely free.Go to Mx player and enjoy these series.


Indian Web series

Jamtara, released in January, exposes the vicious Criminals who fraudulently exploit the phone.

If you have got a call to win a card in Lucky Drove or to win hotel coupons for free, then check this web series.Otherwise you will regret it later.

Total is 10 episodes that you can watch on Netflix.

Ek the Begum

Indian Web series

Begum, the one released in April, puts the underworld rivalry in front of us. Who once rocked the whole of Mumbai.

Zahir is a dangerous gangster whose fight is going on in Dubai with a underwold don. The twist in the story comes when Zahir dies in this fight.

And then his wife gets into the ground to avenge him. Total is 14 episodes which do not cost a single penny to watch. Go to Mx player and watch this web series.


Hasmukh, released in April, puts the life of a man of the same name in focus. The part time who works as a comedian makes people laugh.

But full time this is a serial killer who enjoys playing with people’s lives.There is a twist in the story when Hashmukh gets a chance to be a part of the big comedy show in Mumbai.

It starts bleeding before every episode. Total is 10 episodes that you can watch on Netflix.

The Forgotten Army

Indian Web series

The Forgotten Army was released in January, we have a chance to be a part of the freedom struggle. In which some beleaguered people had put their lives at stake to liberate their country.

Hearing the famous stories, the creeps stand up and salute for freedom figures. You won’t get a better chance to see them on screen.

Total is 5 episodes that you can watch on Amazon Prime.


Smantar, released in March, puts one such story in front of us. In which the life of one person is associated with something in such a way that the past of one is going to become the future of the other.

Just here, in an attempt to change his future, a straightforward man named Kumar is looking for Sudarshan Chakrapani. Those who have already lived the life that Kumar is forced to live next.

Total is 9 episodes, which you can watch on Mx Player for free.


Indian Web series

Bhukal, released in March, puts the story of famous police officer Navin Sikhara of Muzaffarnagar, our country’s crime capital, in focus.

Which is no less than a Devil for the Criminals. This time, they are going to face a gangster named Shaukya, behind which the power of the people and the money of the big leader is involved.

Two head brothers are also against him, who is quite an expert in bloodshed. There are 10 episodes that you can watch on Mx player for free.

Girlfriend Chor

Girlfriend Thief Released in April, Steals New Age in Front of Us. These thieves can steal your girlfriends by putting a leg in your love.

Vishal’s fate is very weak in terms of love.Often girls forget them as friends. But this time, his father lands in the battlefield and tries to reach his son’s destination.

There are 5 episodes that you can watch on Mx player for free.


Indian Web series

Panchayat, released in April, puts the story of a funny village in front of us. In which the engineer named Abhishek comes to the job by becoming the secretary of the Gram Panchayat.

When a person who is thinking of Sehar gets caught in the middle of a village with a strange thought. After that, you have to experience the papad that you have to roll in your life, sitting at home.

There are 8 episodes that you can watch on Amazon Prime.


This was the Indian Web series that you can travel all over the world by watching at home. Hope you liked it

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