Upcoming Action Movies in 2020

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Upcoming Action Movies in 2020 Gonna be awesome and bang . Very good action movies to be released in 2020. Bloodshot , Jungle Cruise, Bad boys for life, these are some of the top action movies to be released in 2020.

Below I am going to give you the list of action movies which is going to be released in 2020.

List of Upcoming Action Movies in 2020

1 – BloodShot.

2 – Jungle Cruise.

3 – Bad Boys For Life.

4 – Jumanji.

5 – Top Gun Maverick

6- Birds of Prey

7- The kings Man

8 – Underwater

9 – The New Mutants

10 – No Time To Die

11 – The Gentlemen

12 – 6 Underground

13 – Mulan

14 – The Rise of Sky Walker

15 – Terminator Dark Fate

16 – The King

Trailer and Short Review of top 5 Upcoming Action Movies in 2020


Bloodshot is one of the top action movies to come in 2020. After watching the trailer, it is revealed that Vin Diesel has been resurrected. And such technology is put in them that they alone are equal to an army.

With the help of that technology, all the wounds of Vin Diesel heal quickly. Vin is also being controlled in the movie with the help of the same technology, which has given him such power. The movie looks very bang in terms of action.

Jungle cruise

Jungle cruise trailer looks good. Watching the trailer shows that there is a very old tree in the Amazon that can heal anyone. And that tree can be found with just one key.

And that tree can be found with just one key. Emily Blunt goes to the Amazon in search of that tree, where he meets Rock on top of a boat. Emily convinces Rock to find the tree by luring him money. Action begins in the movie as soon as Emily comes to Amazon.

Bad Boys For Life.

Bad Boys for Life is also an action movie set to release in 2020. Two boys who are on missions. One of them thinks of retirement. But due to some reasons he has to come to the mission again. Then both of them who have rocked are worth seeing.

Top Gun Maverick

After the huge success of Top Gun, the trailer of Top Gun 2 is coming after so many days. Tom Cruise is seen doing more action this time after flying the plane upside down in the previous movie. The trailer looks great . Take My Breath Away song was very famous of the previous part, it has to be seen which track interests this movie this time.

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey trailer looks good. There is a girl named Queen in the film. The story of the film is based on this girl. There is a man in the film who wants this girl. But this girl wants to be free. There are more girls with this girl who are hired by the man to do his under work.

Just this girl carries them all to get rid of them. She also includes other girls along with her to escape from there. Queen is a very dangerous girl who single-handedly dusts them all.

Trailer and Short Review of another top 5 Upcoming Action Movies in 2020

The kings Man

After watching the trailer of The Kings, it is felt that there is an agency that works freely without any pressure. Where the government just keeps thinking but this agency takes action. The agency hires a boy who is going to work with them, the agency tells the boy all his secrets.

War is also seen in the trailer. It seems that the agency wants to stop the war or solve the reasons that the war is taking place.


The film’s story is being revealed by the name of the film Underwater. They are 7 miles below the oceans’s surface.All of a sudden, there is water in their submarine.And they try to get out of it alive. The film is made under 20 Century Fox.

No Time To Die


007 James Bond new movie is coming. the name of this movie is No Time To Die. Like the previous movie, this movie will also be full of action. James Bond‘s previous movies have never disappointed fans. This time too, seeing the trailer, it seems that this time also the fans will not be disappointed.

The Gentlemen

The gentlemen movie trailer looks good. action pack movie . So many twist in this movie.

6 Underground

6 Underground Movie trailer looks great. There is a lot of action in the film. Director of this movie is Michael Bay. After watching the trailer, it looks like the movie has 6 undergrounds official. Who secretly keep an eye on enemies. And when necessary, they also go to the mission.

Another Upcoming Action Movies In 2020


The Rise of Sky Walker

The Rise of sky Walker trailer looks so good. And this movie can beat all the records so far in the coming time. Because the trailer of this movie is much better than the rest of the movies. If you have seen this movie then you will not like all the other movies.This movie is going to be the father of all action movies.

Terminator Dark Fate

The King

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